Safe productions during COVID-19

 General Guidelines

  • Temperatures will be taken at the beginning and end of each production day. 
    • Temps for all cast and crew will be self monitored and reported to production leads for minimum 2 days prior to first on-set production day.
    • All cast and crew will be provided with thermometers to self-monitor temperature pre-production, on an as needed basis. 
  • All equipment/props/production high touch surfaces will be sterilized with 70% alcohol solution, disinfectant wipes, or appropriate disinfectant procedures (based on equipment owners manual instruction). 
    • Equipment will be sterilized throughout the day, at any interval where equipment/set props/high touch points may be used by a new individual. 
  • Prior to entering the set/production area, all cast and crew will be provided with face masks (disposable or reusable) and (where applicable) gloves. 
    • This equipment is to be worn at all times, unless specifically required for scene work. 
    • All reusable masks will be sanitized at the end of the day, and prepared safely for the following day. 
  • Hand sanitizer, tissues, and sanitizing wipes will be provided by production leads. 
    • Hand hygiene will be performed once per hour on set, per CDC guidelines. 

Production Exceptions

 The work of some cast and crew members (e.g., hair stylists, make-up artists, etc.) may not be possible while maintaining physical distancing from others at all times. Scenes requiring close contact (ie fight or intimate scenes) will be minimized throughout productions wherever possible.

** All CDC, State, and local guidelines will be followed to the best ability of production cast and crew. Any specific inquiries should be directed at Production Leads prior to the first day of production.

• Appropriate and adequate PPE will be provided to cast and crew by the employer as necessary. Disposable masks will be replaced each day and reusable masks will be sanitized each day.

Equipment Cleanliness

  • Cast will not be admitted to the set until the set has been fully sanitized. 
    • Hair and makeup will be done by cast, with the direction of hair/makeup/wardrobe professional on set. 
    • In the event hair and makeup must be provided for the cast, hair/makeup artist with license and state Covid certifications will be provided. 
  • Cast and crew will maintain a personnel distance of 6ft per CDC guidelines, unless required specifically for scene work. 
  • Audio recording equipment will be sanitized between uses. 
    • Boom microphones will be used whenever possible.
    • Lavelier microphones will be self placed by cast, under the direction of production leads, as necessary. 
  • Equipment such as radios/walkie-talkies will be issued to a single cast or crew member, and used exclusively by that cast or crew member for the duration of production. 
    • This equipment will be sanitized nightly, and reassigned the following production day to the same individual.
  • Visitors will not be allowed on set. Any visitor to set will be met outside of the secured and sanitized area. 
    • Minor children in cast may be accompanied by one parent/guardian on set. 
  • Meal-times will be a dedicated hour in a non-buffet setting. 
    • Meals will be individually prepared for safety by professional catering service.
  • Physical contact will be discouraged. No high-fives, fist bumps, elbow bumps, etc.
  • PPE must be worn at all possible times. Anyone refusing to follow this guideline will be removed from set, and risk terminating their position within the production.