Ari Levinson - VFX Supervisor

Visual Effects - Ari Levinson

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Leonid Studios, under VFX Supervisor Ari Levinson, has been providing cutting-edge VFX for feature films, television, and commercials since 2007.

Past commercial clients include Infiniti, Nissan, Gatorade, Activision, EA, Flickr, Yahoo, DJI, and many others, as well as feature films of all sizes from Green Hornet, to indies like August and Margin Call.

The New York Times lauded their work as “spine-tingling,” while the Guardian called it “sophisticated” and the LA Times praised their “creative use of effects” and their ability to “make a low budget project look spiffy.”

Leonid Studios represents a team of over 100 artists from 13 countries with credits that include films such as Gravity, Life of Pie, Terminator, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men, Harry Potter, and others.

Visual Effects - Ari Levinson

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